Piotr Kowal, Realtor®

Real Estate Broker & Advisory - Cracow, Poland

We provide advice and help in finding, choosing and buying real estate. We operate for the benefit of an investor / buyer / tenant (purchaser of real estate rights) who we advise and assist in the process of buying real estate.

The range of the offer is as follows:
- we will search the real estate market most closely to the needs and expectations of our client
- we will analyse the profitability of investments in specific real estate (analysis of the environment, development opportunities, threats, expenditures needed, and others);
- on behalf of our client, we will conduct negotiations with the seller / landlord;
- we will find the best way to finance the purchase of a given property;
- we will organize and carry out the process of buying / renting a property;
- we will manage and administer the property purchased by our client.

Our remuneration is fixed (not commission-based), independent of the purchase decision made by our client. We operate mainly in Cracow and Małopolska, while in commercial (investment) real estate throughout Poland.

We invite you to cooperation,

Piotr Kowal, REALTOR®
Real Estate Broker & Advisory, Cracow, Poland

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